БОХИ-българско общество на хуманитарните издатели
PARADIGMA Publishing house
1, Mladen Pavlov str.
Sofia 1124,Bulgaria
tel/fax +3592 944 50 48
e-mail: paradigma_books@abv.bg
General manager: Zhivko Kushev
Paradigma Publishing house has focused its activity on university literature, and especially on human sciences. We have been an active publisher since 1997 and have published 150 titles. Our distinctiveness consists in the fact that our activity is combined with and based on a solid experience in bookselling of university literature. At the moment we manage 3 bookshops for university literature - one of them is situated at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”.

History is our priority, and we have published up to now about 50 titles. Most of them are connected with the Balkan people history – we are extremely proud of our 4 volumes History of Balkan people 1352–1990 by Professor Manchev. Political sciences, philosophy, psychology and linguistics have comparatively equal share of our titles. We have also published some titles in the domains of geography, law, economics, and medicine.

The activity of Paradigma is concentrated not only on strictly educative materials concerning the above stated fields of study but also – as our name suggests – on monographs. Every scientific research that touches the themes of paradigms in its sphere is of a great interest to us.

Some of the monographs have been simultaneously or separately published in English language.
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