БОХИ-българско общество на хуманитарните издатели
KX - CRITIQUE & HUMANISM Publishing House
KX - Critique & Humanism
11, Slaveykov Sq., Sofia 1000, Bulgaria
ph./fax: (+359 2) 98 00 243
Antoaneta Koleva
A. Zaharieva

KX - CRITIQUE & HUMANISM is an independent publishing company established in 1990.

We are specialized in contemporary human & social sciences, and convinced that the editorial strategy should serve the task of supporting a multitude of equal voices in these fields.

Among the most appreciated series of ours are: 'Ethos', 'Socio-Optics', 'Varius', 'Ex Arte', "New Humanities", and among the newests: "Transversalia", “One Day I Discovered To My Own Great Astonishment”, though our publications might be divided in three major groups:

• Translations of exemplary or intellectually provocative texts in 20th century philosophy, sociology, political sciences, cultural studies, history, social psychology, literary & art criticism, etc., with a particular accent on postmodernism and a definitive irony toward this labeling itself.

• Publications which have been orientated towards promoting new curricula of BG universities or new research programs of the academic community.

• A new field of our publishing intervention is the one of the belles-lettres - authors and topics that gracefully demonstrate the common spring of ideas in literature and humanities, in case one insists to continue differentiating between these genders of discourse.
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