БОХИ-българско общество на хуманитарните издатели
Institute of Sociology
Sociological Problems Journal
13, Moskovska Str., Sofia 1000, Bulgaria
ph./fax: (++359 2) 98 09 935
email: socprobl_eds@dir.bg
“Sociological Problems” is the only academic journal of sociology in Bulgaria. It was founded in the year of 1968; it is quarterly publication of the Institute of Sociology, BAS.
“Sociological Problems” offer its readers item issues, initiated into specific themes or special problems. While selecting any concrete subject to be discussed, Editorial Board generally pursues the following criteria:
Sociology in the context of the other social sciences: “Individualism and Collectivism”; “History and Sociology”; “Sociology and Education”; “Sociology and Politics”; “Biopolitics and Bioethics”; “Max Weber: The Contemporary Relevance of a Classic in Sociology”; “Sociology and Interdisciplinarity”.
Sociology in a world in transition: “Europe as Spiritual Form”; “Cultural Globalization”; “Internet – Society – Culture”; “Publicity and Sociology”.
Challenges for the Bulgarian sociology during the social transformation: “Towards the XXI Century: Thinking on the Border”; “Ethnic Prejudices”; “Power and Norm”; “Collective Memory and Biographic Narratives”; “Sociological Transitions”; “Historical Sociology of Socialism”; “City – Boundaries – Citizenship”.
Sociology and methodological problems of the sociology: “Contemporary Methods of Data Analysis”; “Rationality and Everyday Meaning”.
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